Online Session with Colonel Jeevan Kumar Singh

Interaction with Col. J.K. Singh
Virtual meeting with Colonel J.K. Singh

Mother’s International School (MIS) had the honour of interacting with Colonel (Retd.)Jeevan Singh. An ex Sainik School Tailaya student, Col. Singh, has served as commando in insurgency-hit areas of the country during his army career of 32 years. He has also been doing Republic Day commentary since 1999.

He has won many accolades for his bravery and poetic compositions. Currently he is serving as the SP of the Special Task Force (S.T.F) Jharkhand.

During the online interaction with students of MIS, he shared many valuable points.
He asked the students to Dream big and pursue it with whole heart. Goals should be multifarious and it should cover even the physical health.

He also laid the importance of Excercise and its benefits. At the age of 55 he still exercises daily and puts in effort to stay healthy and tough.

He stressed the importance of right education and school in personality formation . He gave the credit of his personality to his teachers and school. He told the students that the school is the place where character is built and dreams are set. So, the students much utilize their time at school.

He has initiated a “90 days Food challenge” in which he urged the fellow citizens primarily of Jharkhand not to waste even a single morsel of food.

The Interaction with Colonel Jeevan Singh was very good and students will have lifetime experience speaking listening and talking to the Army Veteran.