Principal’s Message

Throughout my career as a leader and educator, I have always perceived each student as a unique individual. Each deserving of a nurturing learning environment, a comprehensive tool-set, and a solid support system all working together to ensure the success of each student. My aim is to create a path for students to become self-reliant citizens with meaningful contributions to local and global societies, equipped with exemplary values.

We look forward to having you join our family, and wish you the best of success at our school and in your future endeavors.

Education is a collaboration of committed teachers, students and parents that builds a future generation equipped with exemplary morals and self-reliance.
The role of the school is not only to deliver high quality education, but also to build a responsible person, a productive citizen, and a future parent.
Teachers are the learning conductors and facilitators of the student. They are the lantern that sheds light onto students in order to enrich their intellect. They recognize their accomplishments to build their strengths, and develop methods to meet their needs.
Parents are the first and most important educators in a child’s life. Their enthusiasm, support and cooperation are what empowers us to facilitate the learning of their child and reach their full potential.
Our school strives to embrace the efforts of all, teachers, students and parents, to provide a healthy educational environment in which our students can excel and succeed.

Dr. Romy Jha
Mothers International School